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This week I found some evidence of consciousness and behavior, and I summarized my findings in several ways. The key Numbers section has been highlighted in the weekly project log. First of all, from the public awareness of climate change, eight out of ten people I’ve found are concerned about Climate Change, and only two out of ten say they don’t care about it. Secondly, in terms of sustainable consumption of daily life, the survey shows that 84 percent agree that car motor is the main cause of urban air pollution, while only 8 percent disagree, and the remaining 8 percent are not sure whether it is the cause. Interestingly, when asked if you would buy a car if you could afford it, 49 percent said they would probably buy it, and 27 percent said absolutely. The results showed that although they knew the source of the pollution, it did not affect their consumption patterns. So I looked at the consumption patterns of young people.

Only 11% and 7% respectively see their purchase of food and clothing as having animpact on the environment.

There are 20,000 corporate enterprises with over two million employees in China so far. China’s express delivery volume occupies 40 percent of the world, has 217,000 branches and a township coverage rate which exceeds 86 percent. Thanks to the development of O2O services, express packages reached 31.1 million in 2016, and food express reached 3 million. These amazing figures can be seen in the rapid growth of consumption model while the development of e-commerce.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by WU HONG/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock (9975946d) A delivery company courier sorts packages at a university in Beijing, China, 13 November 2018.

These consumer behaviors can actually be changed if we focus on sustainable lifestyles.

Questionnaire Survey

I changed my way and used questionnaire survey instead of interview, because I think the results obtained in this way may be more representative. There are 33 people participating in this questionnaire survey, all of whom are young people aged 15-25. My questions begin with do you understand the concept of sustainability, and whether they care about the topic, and end with open-ended questions about what sustainable lifestyles they have made, and record my findings in my engineering journal.

Feedback and Summarize

A good understanding of sustainable development is different from environmental protection. Chinese young people make the coolest right choice in fashion brands. Next plan, I am going to research these, and find strongly visual evidence.

For me, not only am I following my project schedule to finish an assignment, but I am working on a real project professionally in a creative environment, which is different. In the creative practice, I need to develop my entrepreneurial skills and behaviors to better create value, which is what a professional needs to do.

How to built resilience?

Better self-knowledge helps us find the right job for ourselves. Know our personality, interests, abilities, and resilience. In fact, resilience is more important than education or experience (Couto, 2002). Life is not all good, in the daily life, we will always face various challenges. Each of these changes affects people in different ways, and people adapt well over time, Of course, this is not to say that people with resilience will not encounter difficulties, but people with good resilience in the face of difficulties are more likely to face and solve difficulties.

First, be empathetic and connect with trustworthy people. Get active in your organization and connect with friends, social media or networking. Self-knowledge, understanding yourself, accepting your imperfections, being optimistic and facing challenges. Just as we encounter obstacles when we are working on a project, if we talk to the people around us, we can get some feedback and encouragement from them, which plays a great role in our way of thinking. We can accept changes to achieve our desired goals. When I am in trouble, I will bravely ask for help and look back on what I have learned from this experience.

The Star interviews are techniques that help candidates prepare for interview questions. The STAR approach can be used in behavioral interviews to provide resilience, STAR can help me answer questions more logically.

  • S – Situation
  • T – Task
  • A – Action
  • R – Results

When we are in an interview, using this strategy to answer about our relevant work experience can be very concise and logical. We can organize a passionate story according to the four parts above.

Reference:Coutu, D. (2002) How Resilience Works (accessed 15 March 2020)

Branding and The Oscars

In order to better promote our products, a personalized brand is what we need to build, a strong brand comes from a place of truth about what a business authentically represents, and about what its products means to its customers.

In preparation for the Oscars on Friday, our team made an advertising that made our product look cool,after discussion, we finally chose the simplest way to present our products. The music with a strong sense of rhythm and subtitles can make it easier for customers to understand our products, which can strike people’s minds and hearts both visually and aurally, leaving a deep impression. Wow, this is very cool!

Emotional: The coolest clothes trading platform. Physical: This is a platform, click to register, choose your favorite clothes can be traded. Cognitive: Don’t worry it is hard to buy or sell your clothes.

Brand is not just a sign, it is authenticity, it is assurance, it is differentiation, it is added value, it is the transformation of experience.Visual brand recognition is all that consumers can see. Brand personality is a series of human characteristics found in a brand. Brand slogan is the value we advocate. Why should consumers choose our products?

Source: Design thinking for start-ups
Source: Design thinking for start-ups

We had the Oscars on Friday, and each group’s AD video was analyzed based on the content shown above. We also give their own ads are analyzed. Even we didn’t win, but we all happy and get many feedback, it is make sense. For our advertising, on the one hand, our advertisement is very simple, simple consumers can understand the important information, and secondly, has a strong impact on visual and auditory, enough to leave deep impression, it also helps us attract the attention of consumers, on the other hand, insufficient place is that we need to slow down the speed of subtitles, and did not appear in the video of our products, it’s not like a real advertising. We need the trust of customers to trust our brand through our advertising.

For consumers, brand is the image and feeling that affects consumers’ choice and purchase. A good brand can set up a good image for merchants and give them a good emotion, so as to better sell products.

Coca Cola ads are emotional, trying to target younger customers, trying to create a lifestyle that is both fun and hip, trying to connect the brand with the passion of the younger generation. Brand differentiation is the means by which your brand is set apart from the competition, by associating a superior performing aspect of your brand with multiple customer benefits.

Customer Journey Mapping

What is customer journey mapping?

Paul Boag said customer journey mapping as a population tool for visualizing the customer’s experience. what that mean? how to use this tool?

First of all, customer journey mapping is not a accurate express, it is impossible to represent each customer’s experience(Paul Boag). In short, it’s like a tool that helps me understand the motivations, needs, fears, and one of the best tools in business is the customer journey map, which USES storytelling and visuals to illustrate the customer’s relationship to the business over time. Telling a story from the customer’s perspective to gain insight into the customer’s overall experience will create a memorable first impression and provide my customers with a differentiated buying experience.

From the first time found that research, purchasing, shipping, and then to after-sales, the journey of a process is customer map tells the story of the user experience, it not only tells the user purchase experience, also includes some of the problems, such as fear, what is the risk to stop the customer buy my product or service, the cause of their concerns, strong motivation, it allows us to perceive the user to let us know more about our customers. Combined with our startup, our customers can find us through advertising, contact us, and then connect with other customers through our platform.

Customer journey mapping generally starts from understanding the users, collecting and evaluating the knowledge about the users, through access, collection and other methods, then pays attention to the users’ original words, analyzes our understanding, then creates a customer model, completely describes the customers’ goals and behaviors of using my products or services, and finally completes the customer journey. Content includes user needs, purpose of triggering, touchpoints(such as The user interaction), user emotions(such as thoughts, feelings and reactions in the experience), weaknesses, and influence.

The last time I bought it was the day before yesterday when I bought chocolate in waitrose. Because waitrose is very close to my accommodation, the chocolate I bought was given to me before. I think this brand of chocolate tastes very good, so I remembered it, went to the mall and bought it directly. I know what I need. I know the brand, I know the benefits, the features, I know the experience.

From the perspective of the enterprise, this helps us to find opportunities in the bottleneck period encountered by customers, so that all departments and members of the enterprise can understand the interaction between customers and the enterprise from a complete customer perspective, evaluate the level of customers and existing problems, optimize customer experience and improve customer journey. It not only focuses on a certain link, but the whole process of experience. It avoids paying too much attention to details and intuitively expresses what customers want at a certain stage. This is the most useful tool I learned in Friday class, and I think I can use this tool to help me understand my clients better in my future work.

Reference:Paul Boag(2019) What is customer journey mapping and how to start?

Communicating effectively

Good communication skills are necessary for everyone. Effective communication is essential in the workplace, so how do we communicate effectively?

Effective communication begins with the first image, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, Schramm JD wrote. How to design an effective communication, choose the most important and meaningful for the audience. Just as when we apply for a job in the workplace, why many resumes in the vast crowd of results, the human resources department every day to read countless cover letters, write a strong theme, the theme to attract attention is very necessary, consider the first image and make it work.

In interviews, communication begins with our listening skills and our body language. Body language is the use of physical behaviors, expressions and habits for nonverbal communication(Julian Adams). When we communicate with people, we are usually accompanied by nonverbal communication. Your eyes, your gestures, they’re all sending a message to the listener. Even if you’re not speaking, you’re communicating in a non-verbal way. As with every speech, the volume of the voice, the body language, the eye contact between the speaker and the audience, all convey a message. For example, someone may be very nervous, his body will shake, These are all manifestations of emotional states, it can be conscious or unconscious.

The level of our voices when we speak, our intonation. A sentence can have more than one tone, the meaning of different tone expression is different, express your emotions, is anger, anger, sarcasm, self-confidence, love. Good communication skills can solve a lot of problems.

Schramm, JD(2010) Effective Communication Begins with a First Impression, Harvard Business Review.

WEEK 2 Research

This week I focus on the specific sustainable development movement of young people in China. I changed my project timeline. This week I will put an interview next week, so I searched the Internet and my project related articles, watch some video, finally chose two vlog as my research proves that China’s young people use and cans can be repeatedly used bag instead of plastic bags, and personal care for the environment of behavior, and NGOs, the action of picking up the plastic along the coast.

About the feedback, This week I got a lot of good advice, I should focus on a particular area, for example, 15 to 25 people to understand the degree of sustainable development, what is this group of people’s attitude, they know not to know why, or why they don’t want to pay attention to this topic, how they change individual behavior, What obstacles did they meet, what is their impact on the whole, I should be how to communicate with people without a sense of sustainability. Focus on why, Why do they do this. Some of the Research strategies I might use are Basic Research, Contextual Inquiry, Primary Research, Unstructed Interview. I might interview the sample population online, maybe starting with simple questions like do you know what sustainability is, and then being a little more specific. I want to know more about the views of Chinese young people on sustainable lifestyle through interviews, know what they really think, care or don’t care.

I know it’s not easy, but I will follow up my project every week and gain something every week. I am also very happy to receive feedback from my classmates and teachers every week, which is very helpful for me. I will continue my research, gather more information, combine data with information.

The First Trade Fair

On Thursday we had our First Trade Fair. The goal is to test our clients with Minimum Viable Product. The day before we were struggling with many of our problems, we didn’t know how to explain more details about our business, such as website, cost, delivery. We worry about this and worry about that.

Although we didn’t win this time, we get the feedback from the referee and the suggestion, and for me, this is a let me the opportunity to communicate with people more confident, and when I say to the customer and the referee our idea, repeated over and over again, I tried to concise and clear to explain our enterprise, so that they can understand, although sometimes or not to be understood, but after a few times to explain clearly what we mean.

Our business is mainly to provide a platform for Chinese people living and studying in the UK to buy or sell their second-hand clothes and to connect them. And our target audience is women only. This inspiration mainly came from ourselves. Our team consisted of two Chinese girls and a Korean boy. We found it difficult to buy clothes of our own size, so we came up with this idea. Before we started this idea, we also learned from the surrounding Chinese students studying in the UK that some of them bought clothes from China and transferred them to the UK and then wanted to sell them second-hand, which further confirmed our idea. Compared with other competitors, our brand is more Asian style and more fashionable. We also have a cool name, serendipity, in English.

We not only got feedback and Suggestions from the trade fair, but also learned something from other groups. First of all, our logo makes us look like we have something to do with the garden, nothing to do with our business, and we’re going to make our logo look more designed. Secondly, the pictures of our prototypes do not suggest Chinese style, so we will look for Chinese style clothes again. At first glance, our showroom was a mess, with two electronic devices, giving the impression that we were selling electronics. Looking at the backpacks on the chairs, I seem to advertise them as well, although these are small details, but make us look less professional, these are things we need to improve. In addition, we observe that other groups have brochures on the stage, which seems very professional, and next time we will design our own brochures or CARDS, not too complicated, as simple and clear as possible. There were some questions we didn’t take into account, and one of the judges asked if we could take her handmade clothes if she wanted to sell them through us. Perhaps we should think more about how we should respond to the unexpected problems. I am looking forward to the trade fair on February 23, when we will show our ideas more professionally!

Eden Walk Trade Fair

Today is the day we walked out of the Kingston campus, we bring our product in Kingston, shopping center, it was a real Trade Fair, we are no longer face the school classmates, teachers and the referee, we face a different crowd, we communicate with customers and answer their question about the product, records they give advice.

Source from canvas

Although we are well prepared for the Trade Market, we elaborate the poster and card, with our logo and brand, but we still met without considering the problems, such as our second where the market is, on the monetary support this aspect, whether we also support other currencies, similar to the problem and did not consider very specific and detail. I’ll admit, we seem to be so focused on the here and now, not so much on the future of our business, that we don’t know what to do when it comes to fabrics. Of course, on the other hand, we also get a lot of encouragement and affirmation, our ideas are interesting, and the business card is very clear.

As for the choice of the stand, we chose the entrance of the store so that people coming in and out could easily notice us. The layout of the booth this time is simple and purposeful, having learned the lesson of last time. Make it easier for customers to understand our brand. (Steenburgh et al., 2018) mentioned that selling new products requires greater intensity and more attention, so we need to attract customers, talk to customers, sell our products, answer their questions.

We don’t have product to show customer, just prototype of website, so for customers who are interested in our brand, we record their email so that they can be contacted after the real platform is completed, and they can also follow us through Instagram and watch our posts. about social platforms, one of our customers suggested that we post our messages on different social platforms, because not everyone uses instagram. We charge sellers 20 percent of the price of the clothes they sell. Sellers and buyers can communicate with each other. We are going to add a communication area on our website. Any clothes can be traded through our platform, second-hand clothes, or handmade clothes made by lovers themselves. We provide a good platform. Although we have many competitors, we are more flexible and have a wider selection.

Our current target customers are Chinese girls living or studying in the UK, but if successful in the future, we will consider more customer groups and know more about their needs, currency options will also increase. This really out from the trade fair of the campus, sell the product is not an easy thing, the most important thing is to let them enough to know that our products, every communication let me have more confidence about our brand, anything can be hard to start, but as long as the step, has been in the change.

Reference: Steenburgh, T, Ahearne, M., 2018. How to Sell New Products

Individual Project First Week

Before I start my personal project, I read about the modules that allows us to realize value in specific Creative Industries, through an activity, we use the knowledge and skills we have learned to develop our project.

After I learned what a D&AD was, I read all the briefings. I picked Connect4Climate as my research project. What attracted me to this briefing was, first of all, sustainability is a topic of great concern. One person may not be able to change anything, but a massive movement organized by a group of people may change the whole world. My challenge was to come up with an idea to inspire 15- to 25-year-olds through collective influence to develop the power to promote sustainable living. After I choose my presentation, I will start my personal project research. The first step is to make my project timeline more complete and specific. I will follow up my project every week, looking at my work every week, what needs to be revised and updated. In addition, I will record my research results through electronic notes every week, which may include Numbers, pictures or videos.

Jenn+Ken Visocky O ‘Grady mentioned the need for research to understand customers, the people they want to communicate with and the reasons behind their communication needs, in other words, the problem. So, from now, I will consult materials online to have a more detailed and in-depth understanding of the background of sustainable life in my country, talk with the target audience, and get to know the understanding and views of young people aged 15 to 25 on sustainable life style in our country through chatting. I can get information in this way. During my lecture in class this week, I also received good advice from my teachers and classmates to consider dividing the target group into two groups, those under 18 and those between 18 and 25, in order to consider the issue of financial independence. After that, I’ll do some research.

Reference:Visocky O ‘Grady, J. (2017). A designer’s research manual: Succeed in design by knowing your clients and what they really need (Second Edition.).

Final Reflective Blog

I will summarize what I learned in the first semester of this course, managing a creative business. This course combines multiple disciplines, from theoretical knowledge to practical knowledge, I learned multi-disciplinary knowledge, business model, new venture development, intellectual property, enterprise financing, advertising and brand management, business strategy. Next, here’s a summary of each section.

I remember the first week of the course was business model, Business Models show how an enterprise or organization creates, delivers, and captures value, In order to realize the maximization of customer value, the business model integrates the internal and external elements of enterprise operation to form a complete and efficient operation system with core competitiveness, which can meet customer needs and realize customer value through the optimal realization form, and at the same time make the enterprise achieve the goal of profit. It shows the core values that a business creates. Behind every business there is a business model that puts an idea on a canvas. The business model canvas with nine modules in one canvas. It can not only provide a variety of plans, but also more easily meet the needs of customers. It emphasizes the interaction and connection between nine modules. Learning this business model canvas has a great effect on the future work, which can help us reduce the speculation in the future entrepreneurial path, ensure the right goals and reasonable problem-solving tools. It’s an effective tool for putting our ideas on the business canvas.

In the second week of the course, New Venture Development, before that, we were asked by the teacher about the difference between the two. The example of banana made it easier for me to understand the use of different values of banana by entrepreneurs and businessmen. The concept of occupation and the concept of behavior are two concepts that do not exclude and do not overlap in some way. How to make a profit on the way to start a business, it’s a process of finding a product or service or an idea, then buying a product, then improving and prototyping it, showing people the results, filling in the gaps, reinventing it, finding partners, finding investors, selling the product. Many reasons why entrepreneurs fail are summarized in the courseware, such as capital exhaustion, no market demand, price and cost. Putting an idea into practice is a process of starting a business. Any business venture has the risk of failure.

In the classes with Simon Hulme, the two sections on Entrepreneurial Finance also made me review the relevant knowledge I had learned in college, and understand the important role that finance plays in the operation of enterprises. (Karen and Joe, 2008) said that to get a clear picture of a company’s profitability, look at the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. The balance sheet and profit and loss statement, help us more clearly understand a company’s internal financial situation, that we can forecast and judgment, and then make the right choice. An income statement that reflects the results of an enterprise’s production and operation during a certain accounting period. The operating results of an enterprise during a certain accounting can show the profit, may also show the loss, so the income statement is also called profit and loss statement, it reveals the various revenue of the enterprise at a specific period, all the fees, costs and expenses, and enterprises to achieve profits or losses, according to revenue minus expense obtain profits.

Business strategy games, I won’t forget, my team and I go to the library every Wednesday after class to analyze data and make decisions. In my opinion, it was just a game, but I learned how to analyze data and strategy theory. Before that, I had no idea what ocean strategy was and what porter’s five forces were. Meeting after meeting, I also learned how to cooperate with others. It is not easy to be a good chairman. When to buy and when to sell is not just a matter of adjusting the data. In the business strategy game, we analyze the results of the last round of decisions, analyze our data, and make decisions before each round of decisions. In the first few rounds of decision making, we neglected to analyze the data of our competitors, which led to the defeat of another team. We suddenly realized the seriousness of the problem. We should not only focus on our own data, but also compare with our competitors and make a comprehensive macro analysis. Stewart Clegg said that strategy is knowledge and power. A good strategy allows us to keep our heads clear, to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. PESTEL, an effective macroeconomic analysis tool. P-political, E-economic, S-social, T-technology, E-environment, L-legal.Through these six factors to analyze the situation facing the enterprise. It can not only analyze the external environment, but also identify all the forces that have impact on the organization.

Two sections of Intellectual Property also impressed me. Copyright is used to express the rights enjoyed by the creator for his creation. After China joined the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 1980, WIPO currently has 192 member states, 188 of the UN member states. In China, the copyright period is the life of the author plus 50 years. it subsequently enacted trademark rights, patent laws, Copyrights and so on. In China, the duration of the patent right for invention is 20 years, from the date of filing. Copyright protection covers works of literature, music, drama, radio, film and art. Creative Commons is a non-profit organization dedicated to building global knowledge and cultural sharing. The types of licenses are CC BY,CC BY SA, CC BY NC, CC BY ND, CC BY NC SA, CC BY NC ND. Intellectual property rights play an important role in enterprises. Intellectual property rights not only protect creators’ creativity, but also respect creative people. If there is no effective protection, it may be stolen, infringement, harm the interests of the creator.

Advertising is everywhere in our life, advertising is the source of information for consumers, but there are also false advertising in the market, exaggerate the role, but consumers can still get information. Interesting advertisements can attract consumers’ curiosity and enhance their desire to buy. Effective advertising has a clear target audience and the best positioning. The first is mainly to select the target audience, the second is to understand the decision of the target audience, the third is to determine the best position, then develop a communication decision, and finally set up a media strategy(Percy, L. 2016). The development of advertising begins with background analysis, identifying the market and advertising targets, and then making advertising strategies. Through language, text, images, information, and inform activities through extensive publicity, advertising as a means of information dissemination, shortens the producers of the distance between products and consumers to buy, it can reduce the cost of seeking consumers, through certain media, such as goods and services information in a timely manner to convey to the target consumers. Targeted to stimulate consumer desire to buy.

Many advertisements rely on slogans, pictures and information display. The ultimate goal is to attract attention. Although most consumers know that advertisements are not authentic, they can still accept them because they can get more product information. Of course, a good advertisement can also have an interesting story. In class, we created an interesting story for Bolney Bubbly to make it more attractive. Learning advertising is of great help to my future work.

In business, brand management and advertising are inseparable, brand is related to reputation, promotion advertising makes the brand more famous. The last class is brand management. The existence of a brand gives consumers a sense of trust and makes it difficult for products to be replaced by other products. Brand is the symbol of corporate image, shaping corporate brand and enhancing corporate competitiveness. A brand’s popularity and loyalty come from the internal quality and performance represented by the brand. Such as cold medicine, white plus black, in the current many brands of cold medicine, innovative proposed to eat white tablets during the day, black tablets at night, relying on its unique time-sharing cold medicine concept, become the image and sales good cold brand representative.Points-of-parity is a common similarity for brands, and points-of-difference is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Incorporates a number of skills, this course is to let we convert ideas into new products and services required skills, is to combine diverse creative subject, we obtain knowledge, we study business model, using the business model canvas to show our ideas, advertising management and brand management, or the business decision making game, entrepreneur financing, these are our future of innovative enterprise management skills. This course is of great help to my future work. I have learned the knowledge of enterprise management, which can be applied to the actual business in the future creative industry.

References: Clegg, S. 2017. Strategy:theory and practice. 2nd Edition. Karen, B. and Joe, K. (2008) Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs Percy, L. and Rosenbaum-Elliot, R. (2016) Strategic Advertising Management. Fifth Edition: Oxford.

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